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Cool stuff for y'all

This page will continuously be updated as I gather more resources and fun stuff

First Aid

Wilderness First Aid is a 2 day, 16 hour course. You'll finish the weekend with a certification from the Wilderness Medical Institute.  It does not include CPR. You'll learn to triage, asses and treat a variety of injuries and illnesses. Those who have a WFR can recert via this course by taking an additional assessment at the end. 

The course will take place at a scout camp in Blounts Creek, NC, about two hours from Raleigh. The location is GORGEOUS and right on the Pamlico river. We'll have a campfire both nights. Accommodation is either camping with indoor bathrooms and heated showers, or a cabin with heat, showers and a kitchen for additional cost.

For more details, or to register, click the link below:

Work Pants

A few of y'all have commented on my work pants- the ones with all the pockets, and wanted to know where I got them. They're pretty great- durable, fairly stretchy and quick drying. They wouldn't be good on the hottest days of summer due to the durable fabric, and they aren't chainsaw proof, but I love them. Below are links to the women's and men's versions. They make like 5 colors of each. 

Cold Weather Shit

We all spend a ton of time outside when everyone else hides indoors, and being cold sucks. Turns out, there's a few things we can do to make our bodies better adapted to the cold (other than just sucking it up) Some people call it 'hacking' but it isn't really hacking, it's just reminding your body to use the awesome abilities it already inherently has. No hackery involved. Turns out, humans are pretty freaking badass. 

If you dread winter, or hate the cold, and would rather thrive this winter instead of surviving (or suffering) here is a compiled bunch of resources. 

Fantastic Book to Read

The thing that got me started with all this is this guy named Wim Hof. He's incredible, and holds ALL the cold exposure records- arctic swims, ice baths, you name it. I'm freaking bad at being cold, and I hate being cold. I actually skipped winter like 4 times by working overseas. After I went down a few rabbit holes, I bought and read this book, which was a game changer for me. I also recommend following Wim on the socials and he also has an app called the Wim Hof Method to help you with the techniques- it's free.  

My experience with cold exposure and wild swimming

I wrote a whole-ass article on cold swimming and how it makes you feel and why you should do it. You should totally read it. Here is a link:

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