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Upcoming Classes


Advanced Backcountry Navigation

June 9 3p-3p
Lake Raleigh

In this field class, you'll learn how to use a compass, how to orient a map with both a compass and topography, how to triangulate your position and plan travel across landscapes. We’ll also cover how to read topography to move effectively across or around it.


Wilderness Survival Fundamentals

June 18 10a-4p
Baily & Sarah Williamson Preserve

Build resiliency in the wild in this skills-focused class. This class will give you the fundamentals you need to stay alive in the wild until rescue. 

PSB Rescue.JPG

Kayak Rescues and Recoveries

June 24 4p-7p
Lake Crabtree

Learn to get yourself and others back in your kayak after a capsize using a variety of methods and equipment.

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