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Feel that longing, that pull to the untamed? Like your primal self is itching for adventure, desperate to break free from the ordinary.


Our world used to be a vast playground of mystery, where every turn promised discovery and every challenge was an opportunity for growth.


We're here to help you find your way back to that primal spirit, to ignite the flame of adventure within you. Welcome to your journey of rediscovery, where the wild within meets the wonders of the world.


What We Do


We teach outdoor skills classes in central North Carolina and lead expeditions globally. Our classes not only equip you with the techniques necessary to thrive in the wild but also offer a deeper understanding of the context surrounding these skills. This understanding empowers you to adapt and innovate effectively in diverse environments and circumstances.

We aim to catalyze profound transformations in how humans interact with adversity, comfort, and the natural world. We firmly believe that change begins with a shift in mindset. To facilitate this shift, we foster a culture of curiosity, promote experimentation, and create opportunities for you to stretch your boundaries within a supportive framework of managed risks. We offer perspectives outside of the status-quo that just may have you rethinking the way you see yourself and your role in the natural world. 

Our Expeditions journey to some of the most breathtaking places on Earth. But beware, the path to beauty is rugged, and conditions can shift in an instant. We don't just stumble upon these stunning vistas; we earn them – along with those cookies at dinner! Every step of the way is an adventure, where challenges and triumphs go hand in hand.

True adventure means diving headfirst into the unknown, relying on your team and yes, even your guides, as you navigate through the wild. While we do our best to mitigate risks, Mother Nature can still throw us a curveball. But fear not! Embrace the challenges, revel in the storms, and bask in the sense of accomplishment, even if the finish line remains elusive. After all, isn't the real treasure found in the journey itself? Come hone your skills, smash your limits and emerge as an absolute badass!

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