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A journal inpired by the age of exploration and designed by Ali to hold survive during her adventures. Waterproof paper is bound in rich leather for the ultimate adventure journal.


Connect to our rich collective past of human exploration as you write in a luxurious leather journal bound using ancient techniques. Modern technology makes the pages in your journal waterproof turning your journal into the ultimate adventure accessory no matter the location. 


The Leather:
I use a buttery, wax and oil rich brown hide called "utility leather." It is flexible, strong and ages extremely well. Utility hides are known for their weather resistant qualities and ability to rub out scratches with just the pad of your thumb. They can take a beating and still look and feel great with minimal care. 


The paper:
Half-page sheets- 8.5" tall by 5.5" wide, Rite in the Rain brand waterproof paper. I recommend using a waterproof space style ball point pen or a permanent marker (like a fine point sharpie) for writing. I currently use a Fisher Space Pen. Regular ball point pens work well, but gel pens do not.


The thread:
I use high quality waxed linen thread that is strong and waterproof. 


The closure:
Closures are made to wrap around and tuck or tie to themselves. Plain closures are cut from the same hide and therefore match perfectly.

Waterproof Adventure Journal - Large

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