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Rewilding isn't....

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Rewilding is becoming a buzz word these days, and companies are jumping at a chance to make some money trying to turn rewilding into a commodity to sell. The reality is, we are wild animals living in captivity, and no product, supplement, or diet is going to soothe that vague dissatisfaction with life that we're trying to soothe by buying the next cool thing. We buy and buy and buy, thinking that maybe that thing we don't yet have will the the thing that fulfills us.

Tech bros and start-ups selling you something with a re-wilding label slapped on it because the product is 'informed by research of our life in the wild' is like the trainers at Sea World putting live prey in the Orca tank so they can 'hunt like they do in the wild' to continue making money off of them, instead of just setting them free. Every product they're trying to sell us is to make our domestication tolerable enough for us to continue to endure it.

Our rewilding events here at Wayfinder Outdoors will always be free. We hope to bring people together who hope to deepen their relationships with other humans and with nature. We are seeking a path outside of the consumerist norm. One that is relational, full of fellowship and based in mutual aid.

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